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NIBAF has invited nominations from banks/non bank/individuals for participation in its “Islamic Banking Certificate Course # 28”. Course duration is from November 10 to December 02, 2014 and its venue is LRC/SBP, I.I. Chundrigar Road, Karachi .

Course contents cover “Fundamental concepts of Islamic finance; main Financial Contracts like Murabaha, Musharaka, Mudaraba, Ijarah, Salam etc; their Accounting treatment; Risk management in IFIs; Calculation of cases of Murabaha, Ijarah, Diminishing Musharaka and Profit/Loss on Islamic Deposits; Islamic Export Refinance; Islamic Capital Markets Instruments; Liquidity management in IFIs; Product Development and Credit Cards” etc.

Course format requires successful attempt of 16 daily quizzes as well as a final comprehensive exam scheduled on December 02 , 2014 to become entitled for issuance of certificate.

Course fee for 17 working days’ course is Rs.90,000/- per participant which includes reading material, stationery, photocopies, lunch/refreshments and evaluation/certifcation etc.

Contact person:
Mr. Ahmed Waseem
Ph # 051-8435571-80 (Ext : 3515)

Course Contents of Islamic Banking Certificate Course

  • Main Principles of Shariah Boundaries & Basic Concepts of Islamic Banking (IB)
  • Its evolution & main Int’l Institutions dealing with IB
  • Islamic Law of Contracts and Principles of trading
  • Intermediation modes and Sub modes
  • Scope and application of concepts of Murabaha, Musawama, Ijarah, Shirkah/Musharaka, Diminishing Musharaka; Mudaraba and Forward Sales i.e., Salam / Salf, Istisna´a
  • Concepts of Takaful & Islamic Credit Card
  • Internal Controls in the light of AAOIFI Shariah Standards & AAOIFI’s Accounting, Auditing and Governance Standards 
  • Deposits/Resources Mobilization / Liability management.
  • Governing Principles on Assets Side, Local &Foreign Trade Financing and Operations
  • Regulatory Framework of IB in Pakistan
  • Islamic Securitization, Financial Instruments and Markets;
  • Treasury and Liquidity Management (TLM) Issues and Islamic Investment Banking and Fund Management
  • Product Development – Workshop, Group work and presentations
  • Risk analysis and Management in the light of IFSB Guidelines vis-à-vis Basel-II
  • Conversion of a Conventional Bank into an Islamic Bank
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