Page 2 - NIBAF-Training Matters October-December 2020
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L  N  I  S  T  I  T  U  T  O   E
  N       Training Matters!
         SBOTS 24th Batch
         Training Commenced

          As COVID-19 surprises continued in every sphere         environment and comparing F2F learning to VILT
          of life, it has changed the inauguration tradition of   advised the young officers to participate more
          NIBAF's flagship training program SBOTS as well.        actively in online sessions to make these effective
          This four and half months training was commenced        and interactive. He also briefly talked about the
          online, as against conventional classroom setting, on   learning and development environment at NIBAF
          December 28, 2020. Executive Director Human             and the facilities it offers.
          Resources, SBP Mr. Qasim Nawaz along with
                                                                  Earlier, Director L&D, NIBAF Syed Sajid Ali after
          Managing Director NIBAF, Mr. Riaz Nazar Ali
                                                                  welcoming 24th batch SBOTS to NIBAF and SBP
          Chunara virtually inaugurated the SBOTS-24
                                                                  introduced them to this comprehensive training
          program from NIBAF Islamabad. Director L&D and
                                                                  program and shared detailed description of the
          NIBAF faculty also attended the online
                                                                  course. He also briefed the young officers on the
          inauguration ceremony. Thirty three OG-2 officers
                                                                  expectations from them during the training and
          recruited under SBOTS 24th batch connected from
                                                                  their career at SBP. The participants were also
          22 cities across Pakistan attended this inaugural
                                                                  educated on the training norms and SoPs of the
                                                                  online sessions.
          ED, HR Mr. Qasim Nawaz congratulated these 33
          young officers of SBOTS 24th batch on their
          meritorious selection being successful out of  tough
          competition within 26000 applicants and 15000
          shortlisted candidates and welcomed them to SBP.
          Referring to the unconventional inauguration
          setting, ED, HR shared how COVID has changed
          “rules of the game” and hoped for soon returning
          to the old normal where the participants will know
          the best environment and opportunities SBP
          provides for learning and development as well as
          professional growth. He also highlighted how this
          intensive training program will develop collegiality
          among these officers and will orient them with the
          SBP core values. He emphasized on the young
          officers to have benefit of this training opportunity
          to develop their personalities and learn basic
          central banking skills.
          MD, NIBAF Mr. Riaz Nazar Ali Chunara also
          congratulated the freshly recruited young officers
          on their selection and joining the premier institution
          of the country. He also welcomed them to NIBAF
          and assured them of a memorable learning
          experience. MD NIBAF while highlighting
          advantages and challenges of the online learning

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