Page 3 - NIBAF-Training Matters October-December 2020
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Oct - Dec 2020

          At the end of this online ceremony, participants        that it is essential for the fresh inductees to have
          introduced themselves turn by turn announcing their     clear understanding of core values of SBP and also
          city they were joining from. These 33 young SBOTS       the competency model adopted by it. Therefore
          officers while being grateful on their selection        design of SBOTS program is aligned with core as
          promised to come up to the expectations of SBP          well as seven different competencies selected from
          management and contribute their best.                   the list of competencies given in competency
                                                                  framework of SBP.
          About SBOTS
                                                                  Following is a brief walk-through of range of
                                                                  significant SBP functions that are covered in this
          SBOTS is a flagship Management Trainee Program
                                                                  training program.
          of SBP and approximately 850 officers have
          successfully graduated though this program until        Sessions on Monetary Policy and Research Group
          now. Participants of this program usually hail from     are aimed at building a profound understanding
          all parts of the country with diverse educational       of the structure and trends of Pakistan economy
          backgrounds. These fresh inductees are                  and inter-linkages between all four sectors of Pak
          professionally groomed through a carefully              economy namely Real, Financial, External and
          designed training aimed at enhancing their              Fiscal sectors. Broad contours of monetary policy
          knowledge base and skills. Besides learning, this       framework and institutional set up for its
          program helps in creation of long lasting and           formulation in Pakistan are also discussed. Past
          enduring bonds among the participants that remain       experiences with monetary management i.e. both
          intact for the rest of their professional and           monetary easing and tightening in recent times are
          personal lives. It is these bindings that accord        also deliberated upon.
          SBOTS a truly unique and interesting perspective.
                                                                  Next are important central banking functions of

          Brief Description of SBOTS                              Forex management and treasury management. The
                                                                  former include an overview of legal and
          Training program                                        regulatory framework besides touching upon

                                                                  history and rationales for the forex regimes in
          Currently, the program is of four and a half months
                                                                  Pakistan. Discussions on Treasury management
          duration. Primary objective of this
          program is to sensitize the newly
          inducted officers with entire functional
          spectrum of SBP activities. The program
          also focuses on competency based
          learning through integration of various
          learning activities like Structured
          Debates, Panel Discussions, Case Study
          method, simulation exercises and
          experiential learning activities. The basic
          premise is to provide an enabling
          environment to participants to construct
          knowledge through creation of guided
          tasks and interactions that may cultivate
          meaningful learning. NIBAF considers

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