Page 4 - NIBAF-Training Matters October-December 2020
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L  N  I  S  T  I  T  U  T  O   E  F BANKING AND FINANCE Training Matters!

          spectrum involve giving an insight into roles of
          different SBP functions like IMID (International
          Markets and Investment Department), DMMD
          (Domestic Market and Monetary Management
          Department), Risk Management (middle office) and
          Treasury Operations Department (back office). An
          overview of dealing platforms and their dynamics
          e.g. Reuters and Bloomberg are also part of the

          Likewise, sessions on banking regulations start with
          an overview of financial system & regulatory
          bodies in Pakistan. Afterwards, evolution of
          Prudential Regulations (PRs), their objectives and
          formulation process are extensively discussed. An
          overview of AML/CFT regime, roles of different
                                                                  in economic development and need for priority
          stakeholders, their legal and regulatory mandates
                                                                  sector financing in Pakistan. An overview of
          as well as responsibilities of key position holders in
                                                                  National Financial Inclusion Strategy (NFIS), and
          banking institutions are also  part of the
                                                                  role of Microfinance banks in financial sector
          discussions. Technological advancements in banking
                                                                  development are also part of discussions. Concepts
          operations and allied cyber security challenges
                                                                  and issues related to Islamic finance, role of SBP in
          warrant focused discussions on IT governance
                                                                  promoting Islamic banking in the country, future
          framework besides deliberations upon emerging
                                                                  plans and prospects regarding Islamic banking are
          trends in branchless banking and hence due
          consideration has been given to these dimensions.
                                                                  Next in line are training sessions on 'Payment
          Moving forward, sessions on supervisory role of
                                                                  Systems' where the process of clearing and
          SBP start with an overview of banking supervision
                                                                  settlement, inherent systemic risks, cross border
          group, various supervision tools and gradual shift
                                                                  payments and global best practices in the area
          from compliance based regime to Risk based
                                                                  are extensively discussed. Also there are be
          supervision. On-site inspection process is
                                                                  sessions on disruptive technologies and their impact
          extensively discussed with special focus on
                                                                  on banking landscape.
          assessment of risk management and corporate
          governance functions. Moreover, evolution of Basel      Important life skills trainings for example Emotional
          accord, its key pillars and mechanics of its            intelligence and Personal Effectiveness, are
          assessment in SBP's regulated entities are also         carefully punctuated throughout the length of
          discussed. Lastly, an effort is made to develop an      program. Besides, prominent figures from different
          understanding of banking conduct landscape in           walks of life are also invited for evening talks to
          Pakistan and its current legal & regulatory             elucidate participants on socio-economic affairs,
          framework.                                              significant economic developments in Pakistan,
                                                                  current affairs, and geo-politics, etc.
          Promotion of Development finance and Islamic
          banking industry has been at the forefront of SBP's
          vision. Sessions focusing on this front deliberate
          upon fundamentals of Development finance, its role

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