Page 6 - NIBAF-Training Matters October-December 2020
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L  N  I  S  T  I  T  U  T  O   E  F BANKING AND FINANCE Training Matters!
          Development, NIBAF. Pertinent to
          mention that all COVID SOPs were
          followed during the classroom sessions
          and outbound activities.

          AML & CFT Interventions

          The challenge of managing money
          laundering risks in a global marketplace
          demands a coordinated approach and
          a common understanding of evolving
          and emerging trends in both regulation
          and criminal activity. It is important for
          any compliance professional to
          recognize, develop and maintain a risk-
          based and comprehensive anti-money
          laundering/counter terrorist financing framework        roles.
          to mitigate and prevent the threat.
                                                                  Given the significance of threats from Money
          Recently, NIBAF made significant investments in         Laundering for the banking sector and the trends in
          resources and technology to create a new                worldwide criminal activities, SBP has been issuing
          experience for trainees – a blend of instructor-led     Guidelines to prevent the possible use of its
          face to face classroom experience, self-study           regulated entities in illicit activities.
          training materials, and virtual discussions with
                                                                  To ensure, in spirit compliance of Revised
          experts from Financial Monitoring Unit (FMU)
                                                                  Regulations issued by SBP, NIBAF made special
          around live scenarios, topical reviews of industry
                                                                  efforts to design and deliver 2 Day F2F program
          events and bite-size videos.  All designed to help
                                                                  on “AML/CFT- Latest Legal & Regulatory
          trainees get the most out of the course and take
                                                                  Developments” in NIBAF-Islamabad on November
          away the practical knowledge needed to think
                                                                  23-24, 2020. To ensure comprehensive coverage
          differently and perform better in their professional
                                                                  of relevant content and allow for sufficient hand-on
                                                                                   practice to the attending
                                                                                   Compliance Professionals,
                                                                                   NIBAF's commercial banking
                                                                                   expert, Mr. Shahid Iqbal along
                                                                                   with an experienced analyst from
                                                                                   the Financial Monitoring Unit
                                                                                   jointly designed and delivered
                                                                                   the session.  The training was
                                                                                   designed to blend instructor-led
                                                                                   classroom experience with virtual

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