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Oct - Dec 2020

         NIBAF Karachi Campus

          NIBAF Karachi campus primarily conducts post-
          induction and skills upgradation trainings for State
          Bank of Pakistan and its subsidiaries (Banking
          Services Corporation, Pakistan Security Printing
          Corporation and Deposit Protection Corporation).
          Recently, Karachi campus has started offering
          commercial banking trainings as well. NIBAF
          Karachi also coordinates and manages trainings
          being planned and executed by Development
          Finance Group through NIBAF Islamabad offered           took time to move towards F2F during October
          in the province of Sindh.                               2020 having cautious approach, VILT remained the
                                                                  larger part (three-fourth) during the quarter under
          The training programs at Karachi campus are             review.
          broadly categorized into four areas: central
          banking functional areas, soft-skills, IT skill-based,   During the quarter, NIBAF Karachi conducted 49
          and others (mostly awareness sessions in emerging       trainings in total in all four categories. Excluding
          areas). Most of the functional trainings are            12 iterations on Cyber Security (which were
          conducted by internal trainers while soft-skill         planned on urgent basis on SBP-BSC request to
          trainers are external. Regarding IT skill-based         cover all field offices before December 2020), 54
          trainings, there is a blend of internal and external    percent were on central banking functional areas,
          trainers.                                               while 26 percent of them on IT skill based. Most of
                                                                  the trainings were repeated iterations of the
          The Oct-Dec 2020 quarter witnessed a brief              trainings conducted during Jul-Sep 2020 quarter
          restoration of face-to-face (F2F) trainings after       while a few new areas and topics were introduced
          improving Covid-19 situation.  However, in              during the quarter under review. Specifically,
          December 2020, F2F halted again as the Covid-           Managing Anger, Fear & Anxiety during and after
          19 resurged. Not only this second wave of Covid-        Covid-19, Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP),
          19 forced to halt F2F trainings, but also reduced       Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) Basics
          overall number of trainings. Many planned and           for Central Bankers, Shariah Audit & Compliance,
          scheduled trainings were forced to be abandoned         IFRS 9 were newly introduced programs during
          particularly soft-skills and workshop style. While it   Oct-Dec 2020 while in repeated iterations were

                                                Summary of Oct to Dec2020
           Description                                                                            Oct-Dec-2020
           Total Number of Training                                                                     49
           Total Number of Training Days                                                                56
           Face to Face (Classroom)                                                                     11
           VILT (On line)                                                                               38
           Full Day                                                                                     26
           Half Day                                                                                     23
           Soft Skills                                                                                  5
           Functional                                                                                   22
           IT Skills                                                                                    7
           Others                                                                                       15

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