Page 9 - NIBAF-Training Matters October-December 2020
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Oct - Dec 2020

          attended by 56 participants from branch                 financial institutions. The contents included an
          operations and cash management units of different       elaborate discussion on the background and
          financial institutions. The session included an         rationale for the Sanctions, appreciation of risks
          overview of central banks' responses to COVID-19        associated in transactions with Sanctioned Entities
          around the World, discussion on myths and facts on      & Jurisdictions, techniques to implement an
          the spread of Covid-19 though Bank Notes, SBP's         effective compliance program, factors to consider
          overall strategy on currency management ,and the        in incident management & reporting and holding
          different regulatory instructions and guidelines        of sanctioned funds.
          issued by SBP for cash handling since the onset of
                                                                  In order to facilitate Bankers to comply with SBP
                                                                  trade related AML/CFT regime and restrict
          Worldwide Trends in criminal activity and               possible misuse of banking channel, an online
          Legal/Regulatory response to curb this onset has        session on Trade Based Money Laundering was
          given rise to various Global Sanctions. In order for    conducted by NIBAF Peshawar on Dec 9, 2020.
          the bankers to build commitment of compliance to        The session was conducted by Mr. Salim Thobani
          necessary prohibitions- both International and          SVP-Head of ICU& Trade Compliance Unit,
          Domestic, a new course was conducted on                 Meezan Bank Limited. Mr. Thobani has been
          “Sanctions - An Expensive Compliance Risk” on Nov       actively involved in implementation of SBP
          5, 2020 by NIBAF Peshawar Chapter. The course           Framework for Managing Risks of Trade Based
          was delivered by Mr. Salim Thobani who has              Money Laundering and Terrorist Financing in
          almost 17 years of banking experience and               Meezan Bank. Drawing on his personal experience
          currently serving as SVP,-Head of ICU& Trade            in the area, Mr. Thobani delivered a
          Compliance Unit, Meezan Bank Limited. The course        comprehensive session for bankers to bring their
          was attended by 26 participants from different          practices/operations in line with the regulatory

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